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Gifts Beginners Hunter x10!

27.03.2021 в 07:15

Starting bonuses on the server Hunter [x10] are automatically given to all newly created first characters on the account.
The action will help new players to quickly join the server life and enjoy a full-fledged game on an equal basis with the rest, and also will suit those players who want to change the class or pump additional characters to achieve their gaming goals.

Open - Hunter x10!

09.03.2021 в 19:28

???? Friends, at the moment we are preparing for the start.
????The launch date is scheduled for 03/20/21 at 18-00 Moscow time, server Hunter x10, more information on the forum.
⚕Come in and participate in discussions of the new game world.

Today a new server protection system was installed, you need to update the game files!
If you have difficulties with entering the game, make a full check in the Updater of the game and make sure that you do not run various programs prohibited for use within the framework of our project ..
If problems persist, please contact technical support at Solving problems with logging in and starting!