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Project News

New Personal Account

01.08.2021 в 14:51


We continue to work on the project. Today we will tell you about our new personal account and work with it.

The personal account of MmoWeb development is clear and intuitive. We are sure that many users have already encountered it on other projects and could appreciate the convenience and simplicity. Therefore, the basic information for those who see this "miracle" for the first time, the features of working directly on our project and answers to popular questions can be found on the forum.

Technical work 16.07.21

16.07.2021 в 15:21

The server will be shut down at 11-00 Moscow time, installation of updates to the new interface and the server, after shutdown, you need to download the patch or update by an updater, we apologize for the inconveniences.

Gifts Beginners Hunter x10!

27.03.2021 в 07:15

Starting bonuses on the server Hunter [x10] are automatically given to all newly created first characters on the account.
The action will help new players to quickly join the server life and enjoy a full-fledged game on an equal basis with the rest, and also will suit those players who want to change the class or pump additional characters to achieve their gaming goals.